To change Availabilities and Rates

  1. Open Availabilities and Rates.
  2. On this window you will see your Room types and Rates for your room types. We recommend using a long update button to make changes.
  3. Select the date range for the changes you want to make.
  4. Select room types, rates, and days you want to affect by changes. Open the price field and insert the desired price.
  5. Also you can choose to update the minimum nights stay if you wish, and scroll down to update button to save any desired changes.
  6. In the same way you can update availabilities or clear availabilities if you want to change back.
  7. You can see the last changes you made marked in green.
  8. You can add or remove closures for desired room types, after which you need to click the save button.
  9. Next step is to synchronize with your OTA channels, preferably manually after making changes, to avoid the time gap and possible overbookings that might happen until next automatic sync period. For that use Sync button, and send information to your OTA-s.
  10. Select desired OTA-s and click Send.
  11. Do that for any type of changes you made.